Who are the ‘experts’?

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There’s no shortage of people claiming to be experts on immunisation. But when you look closer, many of these ‘experts’ hold qualifications that are actually unrelated to immunisation.

And there are others who don’t claim to be experts, but they post on social media like they know all the facts.

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Reading opinions written with such conviction can make us question what we know.

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But the truth is, a lot of these people are simply repeating things they’ve heard from unsubstantiated sources. (Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of sharing posts and links without thinking occasionally).

It’s easy to let the fear provoked by these opinions drown out the real experts.

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But when you compare these opinions with the cumulative knowledge of doctors, immunologists and researchers across many countries, is there really any question who are the experts?

It’s worth keeping in mind that social media algorithms are always feeding us certain viewpoints and hiding others, even when we search for them intentionally. Just because your newsfeed may be full of a certain perspective, this doesn’t mean it’s what most people believe.

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Social media isn’t a reliable source of health information. Media outlets have also been guilty of misrepresenting the facts and misleading readers.

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Immunisation is an emotional topic and arguments can get inflamed very quickly. Anti-vaccination stories get lots of views, clicks and comments. Yet only a tiny percentage of people actually decide not to vaccinate.

This makes it difficult for parents seeking the truth to make an informed decision.

You wouldn’t necessarily ask a police officer for expert financial advice. So, why would you seek advice about vaccines from anyone who isn’t a medical professional?

The most reliable sources of information come from
broad-scale studies, not one-off stories or
unsubstantiated ‘facts’ from strangers on the internet.

Look for information shared by medical professionals who have spent years developing, testing or administering
vaccines, and researchers who have spent years studying the results.

Ready to find information you can rely on? Learn where to get the best information.

Who is behind this site?

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This website is the culmination of research conducted by Senior Lecturer Tom Aechnter.

Research demonstrated that impartial, objective information about vaccination choices was not available to parents in a clear, easy-to-read format.



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