Big pharma and cover-ups

Parents are no longer prepared to simply follow advice without fact-checking first. And healthy scepticism can be a good thing.

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Myths and conspiracy theories are easy to find. The details change depending on what website you visit.

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It makes sense to question corporations and governments.

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While pharmaceutical companies certainly aren’t beyond reproach, and governments don’t always get things right, there are good reasons for them to work in the public interest.

Vaccines and immunisation schedules are developed by doctors and scientists who are motivated to seek out the best science and keep communities safe and healthy.

Evidence shows that there’s no cause for concern about vaccine safety.

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The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance collects extensive vaccine safety data if you want to check for yourself.

The very thing that gives conspiracy theories life is that they’re compelling and tricky to refute. But without evidence, is it wise to risk the health of your family? Or put other people in your community at risk?

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Is there research we can rely on?

How can we be sure?

We can be confident that vaccines are safe because the science is clear and solid. With data on millions of people around the world, we know that the statistics are accurate and reliable.

Scientists, medical research centres and universities across many countries and continents all reach very similar results. Regardless of how they are funded, or what government is in power, they continue to show that vaccines are safe.

It’s easy to get drawn into stories about one person’s views on a conspiracy or cover-up. But the information that’s most relevant to your family can be found in those big, robust studies.

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